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Tim Mayer! Jazz woodwind specialist & educator from Boston, Massachusetts

June 7, 2009


This could also be the Waitiki category, except I’m sure that one day I’ll be involved in other Exotica projects besides Waitiki. ¬†

To generalize, what I like about Exotica is that it blends so many styles into one unified aesthetic. ¬†The primacy of creating complete experience for the listener in a single tune requires an economy of ideas and and a discipline to stay focused and play within the scope of the tune, keeping the balance of genre and color, sticking to the proscribed rhythmic vocabulary, and most importantly, using everything available to support the “vision.”

What I like about Waitiki is the clarity of vision, the uncompromising production values, the inspiring level of musicianship (which goes for contributing composers and arrangers as well the performers), and the ability to both stay within the genre while performing new arrangements of “classics,” and extend the genre on new compositions. ¬†






"Charred Mammal Flesh: Exotic Music for BBQ" - WAITIKI (2005)




Tim Mayer (soprano sax, alto flute), Brian O'Neill (vibraphone & percussion), Randy Wong (bass), Abe Lagrimas Jr.(drums)





Partial Track List         

1.  Bwana, Bwana E
2.  Cave of Uldo
3.  Primitiva
4.  Manila
5.  Satyritar
6.  Fuzzy Mammoth Breath
7.  Dew Drop Inn ...



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