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Tim Mayer! Jazz woodwind specialist & educator from Boston, Massachusetts

December 25, 2009

Cape Verdean

I got my start in this style through the Mendes Brothers.  Ramiro Mendes is the first Cape Verdean to have graduated from Berklee College of Music, having double-majored in Film Scoring and Music Production & Engineering.  His horn arrangements reflect an understanding and appreciation for Jazz, R&B, and Salsa, yet adapted to the many different styles within Cape Verdean music their music covers.

The community of Cape Verdean musicians is like a large extended family. ¬†Music is the #1 export of that country; all Cape Verdeans, including nearly all ex-pats, know their music and the people who play it. ¬†In order to be able to function within this style, I had to learn its phrasing and sensibilities well enough to function as a native would. ¬†Much of that knowledge came from making the “Gira Sol” CD. ¬†I carefully studied Bana’s phrasing, as he is one of the legenary vocalists of this style. ¬†I also studied Ramiro’s horn lines. ¬†Each line has a distinct function, or role to play, depending on what else is going on in the song, what type of song it is. ¬†Once I was able to learn this vocabulary, I was able to begin writing horn arrangements for other artists’ CD’s. ¬†Word of this spread, and for the Bi√ļs CD, the executive producer sent the producer and the hard drives to Boston to “get the Bana horns on there. ¬†If you can’t get them, go to Miami and get the Miami Sound Machine horn section.” ¬†For that CD, I was told that a couple of tunes were more Salsa flavored, and so, having recently recorded La Timba Loca’s first CD and having played with them for a few years, that sound was in my head. ¬†The horns for “Mas Bonita” are a tip of the hat to Timba.

I have probably recorded on at least 100 Cape Verdean CD’s, most of which I have never seen. ¬†These are some of the more influential ones, or ones that I had the most participation in.

Bana, Gira Sol

(MW0001, Mendes World Trade 1997)

51pFIaO83GL._SL500_AA240_Bana-lead vocals

Ramiro Mendes-guitars, cavaquinho, backing vocals

Kalu Monteiro-drums & percussion, backing vocals

Djim Job-bass, backing vocals

Tony Cabral-lead guitar

Ney Miranda-keys

Tony “Toots” Santos-keys

Dany Carvalho-piano

Keiichi Hashimoto-trumpet, fluegelhorn

Tim Mayer-flute, clarinet, soprano, tenor, & baritone saxophones

Lennie Peterson, trombones

produced by Ramiro Mendes, recorded & mixed by Ramiro Mendes & Dave Lefkowitz

Fitchi Fatchi Na Tracolança (K. Monteiro/D. Job)

Compadre Françisco (Amadeus Fontes)

Rosa de Amor (Pedro Rodrigues)

Africa Um Dia (R. Mendes/Luis Lima)

No Marimba (K. Monteiro/D. Job)

Inga (Ramiro Mendes)

Santa Ritinha (R. Mendes/Alberto Alves)

Cabinda a Cunene (R. Mendes)

Gira Mundo (Dionizio Maio)

Bana, Canto De Amores




Djim Job-bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Kalu Monteiro-drums & backing vocals

Toy Vieira-piano, guitars & cavaquinho

Vaiss-guitars & cavaquinho


Manecas Costa-guitar

Luz Nascimento-backing vocals

Tim Mayer-flute, clarinet, saxophones

Keiichi Hashimoto-trumpet, fluegelhorn, trombone

Tó Barbosa-violin

Jorge Reis-soprano saxophone

produced by Djim Job & Kalu Monteiro.

Carpintêr (D. Job/K. Monteiro)

Cor di Rosa (Ramiro Mendes)

Canto de Amores (Luis Lima/Toy Vieira)

Tubar√£o (Dionisio Maio)

Angolana (Glanzer Ramos/Ramiro Mendes)

Traçá Nha Rume (T. Vieira)

Nha Cizila (K. Monteiro)

Dixá Pê Por Lá (Dionisio Maio)

Nhanha (Olavo Bilack/Toy Vieira)

Mendes Brothers, Torri di Control

(MB0013, MB Records 1996)

torridicontrolJo√£o Mendes-vocals, backing vocals, k√īla, baxon, k√īdra

Ramiro Mendes-vocals, backing vocals, guitars, k√īla, baxon, k√īdra, tambor

Tintina Man√© di Bedja-k√īdra

Kalu Monteiro-drums, percussion

Djim Job-bass

Tony Cabral-guitars

Ney Miranda-keboards

Richard Nant-trumpet & fluegelhorn

Jaques Swarzbart-saxophones

Hector Tomasi-trombone

Keiichi Hashimoto-trumpet & fluegelhorn

Tim Mayer-saxophones

Lennie Peterson-trombone

produced by Ramiro Mendes & Jo√£o Mendes, recorded by Carl Beaty & David Lefkowitz at MB Studios, Brockton, MA, mastered at MWorks.

Paraizu Priz√£o (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Nação Palop (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Yara Bum (J. Mendes)

Tchoru (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Kutululuka (R. Mendes)

Moçambique é Maningue Nice (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Ondas di Sangui (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Yara Bum (J. Mendes)

Mendes Brothers, Para Angola Com Um Xi Coração

(11.80.7572, Vidisco, 1997)

Jo√£o Mendes-vocals, backing vocals

Ramiro Mendes-vocals, backing vocals

Kalu Monteiro-drums, tumba, reco reco, shakers

Djim Job-bass, backing vocals

Joel Perpignan-percussion

Tony Cabral-lead guitar

Antonio “Toots” Santos-fender rhodes, keyboards

Ney Miranda-keyboards

Tim Mayer-saxophones

Keiichi Hashimoto-trumpet & fluegelhorn

produced and arranged by R. Mendes, recorded & mixed by R. Mendes, J. Mendes, David Lefkowitz, mastered at Northeastern Digital Recording inc.

Atéquemfim (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Angola (R. Mendes)

Angola Kuia (R. Mendes)

Angola Ixi Yetu (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Angola Na Paz (R. Mendes)

TPA (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Kutululuka (R. Mendes)

Amor ê Cego (David Zé, arr. R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Atéquemfim instrumental (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Mendes Brothers, Satélite Zamby

(MB0016, MB Records, 1999)

satelitezambyJo√£o Mendes-lead vocals, acoustic guitar, programming

Ramiro Mendes-lead vocals, acoustic guitar, tambor, programming

Kalu Monteiro-drums

Djim Job-bass

Joshua Davis-acoustic bass

Dick de Anunogu-electric guitar

Tony Cabral-electric guitar

Alon Yavnai-fender rhodes, clavinet

Mark Gonçalves-keyboards

Yoannis Mutsakis-bendik, hadgini, riq

José da Rosa-sound effects

Belinda Lima-backing vocals

Elaiza-backing vocals

Keiichi Hashimoto-trumpet & fluegelhorn

Tim Mayer-flute, clarinet, saxophones

Ana Paianoska-violin

Soyeon Ahn-violin

Mathew Witwer-viola


Irina Chirkova-cello

produced by Ramiro Mendes & Jo√£o Mendes, recorded & mixed by R. Mendes & David Lefkowitz, mastered at MWorks.

Entrada (J. Mendes/R. Mendes)

A Sul de Sar√° (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Mi Ku Bó (J. Mendes)

Movê (J. Mendes)

Candy Docy (J. Mendes)

Cabeça Monte (R. Mendes)

Cor di Rosa (R. Mendes)

Satélite Zamby (J. Mendes/R. Mendes)

Guiné (R. Mendes)

D√ļnia (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Nós Vida (J. Mendes/R. Mendes)

Spardêru Montadu (J. Mendes)

Saída (R. Mendes/J. Mendes)

Bi√ļs,¬†Dia e N√īte

128962447(Matiota Musica, 1999)

Bi√ļs-lead vocals, guitar

Djim Job-bass, vocals

Moises Ramos-keys

Kau Paris-drums

Zé António-rhythm guitar

Rolando-rhythm guitar


Bino Branco-ferro

Z√© M√°rio-percussion on “Boca D’Erva”

Mario Reis-piano on “M√°s Bonita”

Paulino Vieira-piano & harmonica on “Cora√ß√£o Blues,” harmonica on “Morena”

Boy Ge Mendes-special guest on “M√°s Bonita” & “Fidjo D’Africa”

Nandinho Nanuto-soprano saxophone

Tim Mayer-tenor & baritone saxophones

Scott Aruda-trumpet

Lennie Peterson-trombone

NIck Cook-violin

Philiep Veelef-violin

L√ļcio Studer-viola


produced by Djim Job, recorded by Jo√£o Magalh√£es¬† at √Čxito Est√ļdio except all horns, recorded by Jorge Nunes at Mass Studio (Pawtucket, RI)

Alcides Nascimento, executive producer

all songs by Bi√ļs

M√°s Bonita

Q’el Calor

Festa D’Tchuva

Boca D’Erva

Coração Blues



Romance Desejode

Tchá Contcé

Fidjo D’Africa

Maria de Barros, Dança Ma Mi


Release Date: Mar 15, 2005

Label: EMI

Adeline Azevedo,Vocals (Background)

Alicia Lima,Vocals (Background)

Bill Brendle,Accordion

Bobby Holland,Photography

Brandie Brito,Vocals (Background)

Brittany DaGraca,Vocals (Background)

Cal√ļ Bana,Vocals (Background)

Carlos “Kal√ļ” Monteiro,Arranger, Drums, Vocals (Background), Producer

Cassio Duarte,Percussion

Christina Goff,Vocals (Background)

Connie Gage,Design

Cristihan Gutterre,Design

Danny Luchansky,Guitar, Arranger, Keyboards, Producer, Engineer, Digital Editing

Dicki Tavares,Guitar

Djim Job,Bass, Arranger, Vocals (Background), Producer

Djuta Barros,Vocals (Background)

Grecco Buratto,Guitar

Ingrid Monteiro,Vocals (Background)

Jack Pina,Vocals (Background)

Jayde Santos,Vocals (Background)

Joao “Fefe” Alfredo,Vocals (Background)

Lutchinha Leite,Vocals (Background)

Manuel Pires,Gaita

Maria de Barros,Vocals, Vocals (Background), Main Performer

MaryJean Frieson,Design

Mauricio Guerrero,Mixing

Mitchell Long,Guitar

Mona Lisa Murray,Hair Stylist

Nilton Andrade,Vocals (Background)

Norberto Tavares,Vocals (Background)

Philippe Luchansky,Cello

Ramon Stagnaro,Guitar

Ron Kalina,Harmonica

Ron McMaster,Mastering

Sandy Silva,Vocals (Background)

Sonya Shepard,Vocals (Background)

T.K.,Vocals (Background)

Timothy Mayer,Clarinet, Sax (Soprano)

Vince Tanzilli,Photo Assistance

Vivianne Monteiro,Vocals (Background)

Zerui Depina, Cavaquinho

Amor Luz

Oh Menel

Bo Ke Nha Boy

Espaco Infinito

El Tambem J’dame

Caresse Moin

Pazinho Laxa

Um Tem Um Amor

Nos Tradiçon


Jack Pina, Mi Cu Nha Violão

(LigAfrica, 2000)

mikunhaviolaoJack Pina-guitar, vocals

Tony “Kid” Santos-keyboards, percussion

Ney Miranda-keyboards, guitar, backing vocals

Mark Gon√ßalves-keyboards, percussion (“Pombinha di Mindelo”)

Alcides Pina “Xi Xi”-backing vocals

Manny Dos Santos-backing vocals

Bela P. Mendes-backing vocals

Tim Mayer-flute & saxophones

Keiichi Hashimoto-trumpet & fluegelhorn

produced by Jack Pina, recorded & mixed by Tony “Kid” Santos except “Pombinha di Mindelo,” recorded & mixed by Mark Gon√ßalves

all songs by Jack Pina

Mi cu nha Viol√£o


O Amor

Badja Parado


Tempo Bedjo

Indo Mansinho

Pombinha di Mindelo

Jack Pina, Na Bu Braço

(LigAfrica, 2001)

nabubracoTony “Kid” Santos-keyboards, percussion

Djim Job-bass, guitar

Kalu Monteiro-drums

Ney Miranda-piano, guitar

Fernando B. Pina “Fefei”-cavaquinho

Steve Gonçalves-percussion

Alcides Pina “Xi Xi”-backing vocals, acoustic guitar solo

Alex Veiga “Chaxe”-backing vocals

Bela P. Mendes-lead vocals, backing vocals

Manny Dos Santos-backing vocals

Olivier Manchon-violin

Olivier Sarouilan-viola

Rushad Eggleston-cello

Tim Mayer-flute & saxophones

Keiichi Hashimoto-trumpet & fluegelhorn

produced by Jack Pina, recorded & mixed by Tony Santos.

All songs by Jack Pina, arranged by Tony Santos

Vivé na Cabo Verde

Na Bu Braço

Nha Melodia

Q’rem n’gatchado

O Amor



Ma Bó Careca

Dear Tim Mayer (my favorite All reeds Player)

I love the piece on Cape Verde Music. You are a true Expert in CV Music….we love your work w/us….We sure miss you and for sure will call you sooner than you think to get back on Stage w/Mendes Brothers for the Gate of Return World Tour!!!!

Mr. Omuka send his regards and asks that I remind you that Balombo, Angola is still waiting from you to return…. (:


Ramiro Mendes
Mendes Brothers

Comment by Ramiro Mendes — March 20, 2010 @ 1:42 am

hi my friend,how you doing?
i like your site, its very nice
you are missing one more cd from me,its called [dança romantica]i will send to you,i hope to see you soon,bless you [amigo jack pina

Comment by jack pina — May 28, 2010 @ 4:13 pm

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