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Tim Mayer! Jazz woodwind specialist & educator from Boston, Massachusetts

January 22, 2012


Selected Discography

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Jazz Latin/Latin Jazz Pop Cape Verdean


I have been fortunate to have participated in more than 100 CD’s covering a wide range of styles. ¬†While the focus of my studies is mainly Jazz, I have always belived it is important to be functional in a wide variety of styles. ¬†Having good sight reading skills and understanding the rhythmic vocabulary of the different styles listed above, along with good section-playing abilities makes anyone an asset to any recording session, and this is what I have strived to have.

It was always my goal to make a living playing, and studio work is a great experience. ¬†Even in high school and college I saw how difficult it was to make a living playing only Jazz. ¬†I always thought it would be so much nicer to record jingles, pop records, or just about anything, than flipping burgers for a living. ¬†It didn’t matter, so long as I had more time on the horn. ¬†I see each session as a challenge– what should I do to make this project a success? ¬†Can I correctly interpret the producer’s vision for this music? ¬†How do I find my voice in these other styles? ¬†The ability to set one’s ego aside and become malleable is crucial. ¬†All these values I learned from my teacher Marty Krystall, and have seen it in many other great musicians like Ron Carter, Ernie Watts, Bob Shepard, and others.

The microphone becomes a microscope for hearing your sound on the playback.  You get instant feedback about the most minute details of your sound, pitch, rhythm, and phrasing.  This provides a humbling, if very accurate lesson, each time behind the microphone.

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